End of the Rainbow.


Recently I had the privilege of caring for a friend's home and land while they were on vacation out west. It'd been a long time since I could drink my morning coffee looking out at the sky and wildlife. I'm not sure I believed it possible in New York.

It is.

After twenty years of seeing wildlife, my dogs, grass or sagebrush, and wide open sky, it's quite an adjustment waking up to dark rooms and traffic. I was in heaven for 10 days- and not only because of the sky. The horses, most wonderful, loving dogs, the flirtatious cat, the geese that flew by on their way to somewhere - or those who live here chasing off others trying to hone in on their private nesting heaven. The herons who made a stop each evening at the pond, the funny, snarky bull frogs in the garden pond, the herd of whitetails that think they own the place, the lone coyote who wandered through one afternoon, and WitWoo, or Chester as some call him, the parrott. Or something like a parrott. He's the funniest, smartest, most talkative parrott I've had the pleasure of knowing. He started chatting the minute we left the house - so I resorted to putting my video camera on while outside. Man, can he talk. More on him later!

Thank you Barbara and Pete for such a lovely break from the church parsonage! Thank you for making me feel so at home again.

This was the sweetest sight. It was the morning after Barbara and Pete left. It rained all night, and the fog was thick at dawn. We heard some activity down below so Bailey, the Head of Ranch Security, was checking everything out. She looked fearless. And she wanted me to think that too. But I knew the truth. She was missing Barbara and Pete, hoping like heck their car would magically turn down the driveway.