The Child Within.


And one fantastic dog!

One the rare occasion that Wally has a day off, we usually have to take care of business or a project. The last two years have been filled with stress, and time constraints. The moment spring begins to hint at making an arrival, Wally says the air smells different. He walks around sniffing whenever he's outdoors. If I didn't know how much he loves spring, I'd worry about it a little.

He bought kites for his grandkids and they were still in the car. The wind seemed just right so he took one out of it's wrapping for a test run. Bailey, Barbara and Pete's wonderful dog, went nuts. She knew how much this kite looked like the hawks that fly just low enough over her to determine whether she'd be good eatin'. She terrorizes them. She's just big enough to win.

These two kids at heart played and played with those kites every opportunity they had. I'm not sure I've ever seen Wally have that much fun - other than with his grandkids or when we were madly in love driving all over the west on a camping trip.

I don't know if you can teach an old dog new tricks, but I do know you can treach two old dogs to play like they're kids again....