Wonder Love.


This is Wally. He's a person who lives what he's expressing in this iPhone shot. Deep gratitude, wonder, and awe are qualities I've always hoped to share with my partner over the years, because it's I've always revered the wonder of life. It has stunned me over a lifetime to discover how uncommon it is.

Being reunited with him after three decades is something that awes me. Our reunion makes the wonder even more remarkable. A stupid decision in college, to not continue dating him, resulted in a lifelong search for someone to share this love of life with. Wouldn't you know this search led me right back to him eventually?

Indeed, I am the lucky one.

It feels nothing short of miraculous to be given an opportunity to spend the last chapter of life together, even if we sometimes grieve missing the early years together.

When life has done its share of work in you, it's fitting, somehow, to now wake up each day to celebrate what I most value about life itself - with him.

I can't think of anything I'd rather do, or anyone I'd rather be with, than this wonderful partner of mine. Life is Good. And wonder-ful!