A Good Horse.


They say all a man needs is a good horse and a good dog to be happy. I'm not so sure I disagree - even though I'm certain to have balked the first time those words tumbled out a cowboy's mouth. When I think back to the best horse and the best dog I've had, they do surpass the qualities of any one man I've known. Except the one I'm with now.

That's not just kissin' up either. But Lena Horne's words are ringing in my ear right about now. She said, "Don't advertise your man." So, he's just all right - for a pastor, y'know. He's always preachin at me, telling me to be more churchy, harping on me to make sure I get more pot lucks churned out.

Nah. He's nothing like that. But that's all I'm gonna say here. I may have left NYC for Idaho, but I didn't fall off no turnip truck yesterday. Potato truck would be closer.

This is Abby, my friend Barbara's horse. She was following us around on our ride around the property in the Gator. I think she forgot she's been grazing on fresh grass for two weeks now and there ain't no feed comin' her way. But you can't blame a girl for tryin'.

She's beautiful, isn't she? She's as nice as she is pretty. I never knew what to make of women like that. They had all the luck.